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IV 0200-16 PP/E/C 4U2-20/100
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IV 0200-16 PP/E/C 4U2-20/100



Grundfos Injection Valve 0200-16 PP/E/C 4U2-20/100

Grundfos Injection Valves connect the dosing line with the process line. They ensure a minimum counterpressure of 0.7 bar, and avoid backflow of the dosing liquid. The spring-loaded non-return valve comes with Tantal spring. The injection pipe of PP, PVC and PVDF versions can be shortened. IV 0200-16 PP/E/C 4U2-20/100

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Product Details
Manufacturer Grundfos
Product code (SKU) 95730908
Product Model Grundfos IV 0200-16 PP/E/C 4U2-20/100
Performance Data
Data 1 Max Pump Capcity: 60 lt/hr
Data 2 Pump Connection: G5/8
Data 3 Max Operating Pressure: 16 Bar
Material Housing: PP Gasket: EPDM Valve Ball: Ceramic


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