Rigid Suction Lance
RSL-1100-2L-G5/8 PE/V,E/C U2
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RSL-1100-2L-G5/8 PE/V,E/C U2



Grundfos Rigid Suction Lance RSL-1100-2L-G5/8 PE/V,E/C U2 1100lt Tank

Grundfos Rigid Suction Lance (RSL) with Level Switch RSL-1100-2L-G5/8 PE/V,E/C U2 1100lt. Tank Rigid suction lance with adjustable length for mounting in a tank.

Installed at the lower end of the suction hose and consist of strainer (mesh size 0,8mm) non-return valve, protective pipe and tank connection with entry holes for relief line and de-aeration line. Can be used with Grundfos dosing pump. Additionally, this includes;

Reed-switch unit with two floaters for low level and empty indication (switch mode adjustable NO or NC)

Cable with PE jacket

M 12 plug to connect DDA, DDC, DDE or DDI Dosing Pump

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Product Details
Manufacturer Grundfos
Product code (SKU) 98071146
Product Model Grundfos RSL-1100-2L-G5/8 PE/V,E/C U2
Performance Data
Data 1 Max Immersion Depth: 1100 mm
Data 2 Max Flow: 60 l/hr
Data 3 Pump Connection: G5/8
Features Cable: 5m Cable Plug type: M12 Plug Type: Round
Material Housing: PE Valve Ball: Ceramic Gasket: FKM/EPDM
Voltage Max Voltage: 48V Max Current: 0.5A Max Load: 10VA